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What’s with All These Nature Pics?

Research Trip Photography for Raptors’ Realm

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You might be wondering what all the mountain trips and nature pictures we’ve been taking have to do with game development. If you are making a game based on the natural world, like Raptors’ Realm, then nature trips are exactly what you need to gather the information and images you use for game development.

Return of the Dev Updates

Back to Dev Updates After an Interesting Year

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It’s been quite a while but dev updates are back and have we got great info for you about all our titles, but mostly what’s going on with Raptors’ Realm and our art pipeline.

Back on the Wing

Crushing Obstacles During the Pandemic

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It may seem like we were swallowed up by the pandemic, but actually, we have found ways to adapt and thrive.

First Dev Update of 2020

The pre-COVID-19 update . . . really!

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The COVID-19 craziness really has pushed this update’s post much later than we already were getting it up. You’ll see that it’s much more past tense than usual and doesn’t even mention the virus at all, in fact, it was written back in early February before the virus went global. Though the current pandemic has made us busier than we thought it could we’re still moving forward and everything’s progressing apace.