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Check out the games area to view our titles, both available and in development. Stop by the IndieDen to read blogs from SP Ent. team members, including Paw Prints, from our Executive Director and Producer, and The Periwinkle Paw, from our Lead Editor, and Assistant Producer, KC McKillip. And don’t forget to stop over at The Shop to pick up the latest merchandise from our various titles, from shirts, to art prints, to specialty items and more.

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A General Update in June Read more

A General Update in June

As summer approaches, we decided it’s time for an update. Check out our general update of what’s coming up for both dev and business.

Fall 2021 Dev Update Read more

Fall 2021 Dev Update

We intended to have this update land in late summer but we ended up busy with our Fall research and so it ended up landing in the heart of Fall this year. In it we talk about our research trips, including our big one late this summer, and the work we’ve been doing on the relaunch of our online store, The Shop.

What’s with All These Nature Pics? Read more

What’s with All These Nature Pics?

You might be wondering what all the mountain trips and nature pictures we’ve been taking have to do with game development. If you are making a game based on the natural world, like Raptors’ Realm, then nature trips are exactly what you need to gather the information and images you use for game development.