I would like to welcome you inside The Spirit in Entertainment. The Spirit in Entertainment, what does that mean exactly? Well, simply put, it means that we strive to keep the Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit, in the production of all our products. Yes we are a Christian company. That doesn't mean we are a religious company or that our products are strictly for Christians. It does mean that we, the leaders of the company, believe in God and his only son Jesus Christ who was sent to save us from ourselves. What this means ultimately is that we believe in the higher power and thusly a high standard of both integrity and service. We also believe that everyone deserves to have good, clean, fun entertainment, without compromise. This is what we, as a company, strive to provide.

There is also a greater purpose in our production of clean quality entertainment. While we are not an evangelical company, we realize that there are those out there that are searching. There are those who feel empty, or lost, or simply that there is something missing in their lives. We would like to let you know that God knows this. God knows you personally and loves you for who you are, and whether you believe this or not, it is true; God loves all creatures great and small. By keeping the Spirit in our entertainment we hope to reach the goal that we believe we have been called to. Jesus commands us as believers to give his good news to the world. So, here we are doing just that.

This area of the sight is not designed to preach to anyone, or to say we are better than anyone else, because we are not. We are, after all, human and have good days and bad days like anyone else. We also make mistakes like all people. This area is also not designed to convert people to any religion, only God can bring a heart to him and that is not religion; it is a relationship. All we wish to do here is be upfront and honest with the people we do business with, and to provide a place where those who are seeking or who are simply curious may begin their search for answers. Below are several links that lead to other sites; if you have questions about God, Jesus, or the good news he brings to the world, I suggest you start there. Know also that we do not include the links below as a particular endorsement but only as a way to begin your exploration of God’s word; the sites included here are simply ones I use personally, or have had recomended to me.

The Spirit in Entertainment, what does that mean? It means that God is at the root of all we do here at SP Ent. and that he guides our company. God is, if you will, our Chairman of the Board; he gives us direction and keeps us on the right path. We will not always be perfect, nor will we always do the right thing, but we will always strive to do our very best, and with the help of the Spirit, we will be the kind of company deserving of its customers and the people we deal with.

Thank you for your time. It is my prayer that you prosper in all you do and that you find peace in your life. May God bless you always, and may His peace be ever with you.


Chris McKillip
Executive Director, SP Entertainment




The Good News According to John
This is the Gospel of John. I believe like many Christians that this is a good place to begin ones exploration of the Bible, and a relationship with Christ.


The Bible
This is the World English Bible. It is here because it is the most modern English language translation of the Bible in the public domain.


E Bible
This is a site where many translations of the Bible may be found. Hopefully they will have the Bible in your language here.


Bible Gateway
This is a site which allows for searching of the Bible in several translations. This site also contains other Bible related information and resources in a modern format.


Audio Bible Online
This is an online accessible bible for the visually impared. If you have any sort of visual imparement or want a generally accessible version of the Bible this is a good place to find one.