SP Entertainment (SP Ent) is an entertainment media business based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We focus on the development of electronic and table top games that are fun, intelligent and wholesome.

In January 2002, Chris McKillip, a 3D artist and programmer, gathered a small team to start an entertainment company with a strong customer focus, based on a philosophy of integrity and great entertainment. Initially conceived as an all-around entertainment company, SP Ent’s first work was in the realm of animation and effects. Over the years, SP Ent has worked on projects ranging from 2D and 3D animation to tabletop games. These days we are working on self-publishing several electronic games for various platforms.

SP Ent has worked with local educational organizations, such as The University of New Mexico, Central New Mexico Community College, and the New Mexico College Awareness Coalition. We have also worked with other community organizations, such as Hoffmantown Church, one of Albuquerque's largest Christian organizations. In the past, SP Ent has contracted with external agencies to develop various projects. Now we are focusing in on developing and publishing some projects of our own. So, while you’re here, browse around and take a look at what we have going on, and if you would like to meet the SP Ent team check below.


To see our current projects, check out the Games page.

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