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Spread the Word

You are our most powerful resource when it comes to spreading the word about our games. If you like our games, our posts, or our style, let others know by getting the word out:


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Some day, we'll make some profit from our games, but we have to get them made first. Our own resources can only take us so far, and that’s why we are so thankful for people who are willing to support us financially. If you are one of those kind folks, here are some ways you can help us:


Make a one time contribution, or contribute periodically when you wish. You help us make ends meet, and you get the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping make the games we develop become a reality.

Visit The Shop or stop by our booth at a convention and buy something; we have t-shirts, prints, and other nifty items.

Joining the SP Ent. community allows you to get deeper with development of our projects. Of course you can jump on our Discord server and chat with us, but here's more ways to join:


Pay a monthly subscription, and enjoy a few extra perks along the way. To find out more about becoming a Dev Dawg check out the Dev Dawg Den in the IndieDen.

Dev Dawgs

Beta testers get access to certain beta builds of our games. In turn, they search out bugs and help our developers iron out the kinks before our games go out to everyone. To find out more head to the Tester Den.

Tester Den

Your financial support helps us cover some of the costs of running a business and developing games, so that we can continue to make games you want. We promise that your support will only be used for development and business costs.

We’re grateful for any support you’re willing to give and we look forward to meeting you and interreacting with you more. We can’t do what we do without your support and the community you’ll become a part of.

Thank You Very Much!