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Final Dev Update of 2019!
Chris McKillip
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Final Dev Update of 2019!

A short dev update to close out the 2019 year.

It’s time for another dev update. This one should be a short one, as we’ve been mainly engaged in research for Raptors’ Realm and mostly concentrating on that project at the moment. Our other projects aren’t getting zero love, but they are a bit in the background for now.

For Raptors’ Realm, we’re working on more flight refinements and making post-testing fixes to the latest flight and hunting update in order to add more flexibility and interactivity to the system. On the art front, we’ve been working hard on the concept art for the first levels and building our tools for creating the Quarry bases, which are the level elements from which Quarry will spawn, and around which the Quarry roam areas will be centered. The elements are designed to help the player spot areas where there may be Quarry in a level and will serve several other behind-the-scenes functions pertaining to Quarry spawning and behavior.

On the general front, we’ve just updated all our projects to the latest version of Unreal Engine in preparation for some new capabilities coming down from Epic and some major changes to our art pipeline that may decrease the development time and increase the quality of our in-game art. The changes may allow us to work more closely with our raptor research partners to get some really cool game content; we’ll discuss more about that in a future update as things unfold.

If you’d like to know more about what we’ve been doing on the raptor research front, including some cool pics from our research collection, circle back around and check out our raptor research articles.

That’s all for now, unless you’re a Dev Dawg. Dev Dawgs can read on to get their Dev Dawg exclusive content.

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