Welcome to the IndieDen, home of the SP Ent Team Blogs. Here you can find a growing body of writings from various members of SP Ent. on many subjects, including game dev, games, and entertainment. Our blogs are organized into Dens, for instance, the ArtDen, and, the CodeDen. There are also two special blogs: Paw Prints, which contains writings and musings about development and running an indie company from our Executive Director and Executive Producer Chris McKillip, and The Periwinkle Paw, which contains the written perspective of indie wife, Lead editor, and assistant producer, KC McKillip. Please read, comment, and enjoy.

Welcome to the ArtDen!
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Welcome to the ArtDen!

ArtDen Welcome and Information.

Welcome to the ArtDen. Here you will find colorful information about the art of game development art. From concept to in game objects, our artists and designers will paint pictures about what it is like to work on art in a game development pipeline. They will also share tips, techniques, and tutorials on the processes we use to create art for our titles. And, sometimes, they may just share their critiques on art and art styles in general. Read on to see the art side of game dev.

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