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K3D: Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 50
Daniel Strickland
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K3D: Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 50

The testing jouney through K3D

I am just the tester. Well, I set off on this journey a little bit ago with  SP Ent to make games. Yes, the owner of SP Ent. is family and probably if he and his wife weren't my aunt and uncle I would have never done this. Regardless, the journey has taught me so many things that have nothing to do with testing games. But let's not lose track.

Testing is a very important task in game development. I’ve never thought about it, but this process has shown me that a programmer or a level designer or even an artist doesn't get the thing they are working on right (in the case of artists it’s the digital assets) when they work on it the first time. That’s just a fact with humans. Sometimes they do get it right, right of the bat, but mostly they have to go rework it 1, 2, 50 times. That's one thing (out of many) I have learned throughout this journey.

Our team started K3D as a learning game, and it has paid off. It has served its purpose by teaching me so many things. At first when I would sit down to test, I'd be playing and a bug would come up right away, so I would report it right away. Well really quickly, I learned that before I report it I have to reproduce the bug and know exactly how the bug gets activated, and then I can report it. That does two things: First, it makes sure it is a real bug and not a glitch. Second, I can get it down to the point where I know how the bug works; therefore, I can share that in my report that then allows the programmer or whoever is fixing the bug to reproduce it in a faster manner. K3D has shown me what it's like to be involved in development of a game from start to finish and testing is a big part of the process.

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Chris McKillip

Wow, this is really insightful Daniel. And gives a great idea of the never ending process that testing is. It definitely makes the dev cycle a bit of a churn, but without it we would not deliver the quality we do, one of the biggest driving factors in our titles. Thanks for sharing!

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