8 Aug 2021

Raptors' Realm Eagle Above Forest

Raptors' Realm Eagle Above Forest

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Imagine soaring above the trees, catching thermals and gliding while you search for your quarry, or picture zipping through the canopy as you close in on your target to strike as quickly and silently as possible. With Raptors' Realm you'll have to imagine no more. Raptors' Realm is a survival flight sim game where you are the bird of prey zipping and soaring around as you hunt your prey. Live and survive as a raptor catching what you need, and defending you realm. This design is directly inspired by the game.

If you're interested in the game check it out here, and be sure to pick up some products with this picturesque design on them for yourself and your friends.

Purchase Now! The Shop on Spring.

Check on development in the IndieDen.


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