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Welcome to the Katastrogon 3D: The Aeolian Order (K3D or Katastrogon 3D) press page. K3D is a unique mobile 3D block breaker currently available on Android, Amazon and Apple devices. Here you can find any information you may need to write about K3D. Zips of the images and logos can be downloaded from the Links area, these contain more than what is visible in the Screenshots area. If you feel there could be further information added to this page, if you need information or media in other formats, or if you would like to speak directly with us for any reason, please feel free to contact us.

Fact Sheet

  • Developer: SP Entertainment

  • Release Date: Soft Launch: July 1st, 2016, Full Release: May 6th, 2017

  • Platforms: Apple, Android, Amazon

  • Price: Free

  • File Size: ~90M on Android devices, ~175M on Apple devices

  • Requirements: For Android: Android v 4.0 or higher and compatible Android device. For Apple: iOS 7.0 or later and a compatible Apple device

  • Ratings: ESRB Everyone, PEGI 3, IARC 3+, ACB General, ClassInd All Ages, USK All Ages, Google Play Rated for 3+

  • Website: http://www.sp-ent.com/Games/Katastrogon-3D

  • Social: Facebook, Google+, Twitter

  • Press Contact: media@sp-ent.com

  • Press Kit: in word format


App Store Description

Manipulate the unpredictable power of matter and physics to smash jewel colored polygons to bits, inciting a polygon “Katastrophe.” Test your skills on challenging patterns and obstacles, and increase your potential with elemental power ups, all while soaking in the relaxing tunes and electric glow of this Greek inspired 3D polygon breaker, Katastrogon 3D: the Aeolian Order.


  • Electrifying Greek-seasoned 3D block breaker, perfect for when you want to break stuff
  • Beautiful, relaxing music to chill to while breaking stuff
  • Luminous 3D environment in which to break stuff
  • Unique physics-based dynamics, for breaking lots of stuff
  • A variety of shapes and patterns, all there to be broken
  • Cool elemental Power Ups, for breaking more stuff
  • Several levels, so you can keep breaking stuff

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K3D App Logo

In Depth

Greek themed

It’s hard not to think about the Greek influence on our language when you start discussing the shapes involved in building a block breaker (i.e. polygon, sphere), and so it seemed natural to create one with Greek influences. In fact, Katastrogon is a combination of the Greek word 'katastrophe', meaning overthrow or destruction, and the Greek rooted compound word 'polygon', meaning multi-angled, often referring to a multi-sided flat object. We use Greek in the naming of objects (like the trapezi and sphere ), the level system, and the art.

Luminous 3D environment

We decided to go with a glowing, electrical 3D look for K3D. This gives it a modern, appealing and somewhat high-tech yet old world look. In other words, we think it looks cool.

Physics-based Dynamics

OK, so we did break a few physics rules to make the game playable, but unlike many block breaker games, we chose not to ignore all the rules of physics. For instance, the ball slows down after hitting solid blocks, gains energy and speed from the energized breakable blocks, and bounces differently off of the different shapes.

A variety of shapes and paterns

Variety in shapes make our patterns look cool and cause the ball to bounce differently, creating more interesting bounces and more difficult puzzles.

Elemental Power Ups

The Power Ups take this block breaker to the next level. Based on the four elements in Greek thought, Power Ups allow players to create block busting whirl winds, crushing waves, earthquakes, and, of course, fireballs, and that just scratches the surface.

With our Power Up Stacking system, players can stack up to four Power Ups and then release them in rapid succession, inciting a gleefully delightful “polygon katastrophe.”

Several Levels

K3D will be released with 30 levels. New Power Ups are introduced and complexity increases as the player ascends the levels. The increasingly difficult puzzle designs and randomly generating Power Ups can create hours of gameplay and unending replayability.


SP Ent. Logo

SP Entertainment (SP Ent.)

SP Entertainment has a small indie game team, facilitated by Chris McKillip, a programmer, 3D and 2D artist, designer, dungeon master, and fearless leader. He is also a gamer (electronic and table top), anime freak, and Sci-Fi geek.

Most importantly though, Chris McKillip is Christian, and is resolved that SP Ent and its games will be guided by Christian principles. This does not mean SP Ent’s games are going to be particularly “religious” or evangelistic, nor does it mean that all SP Ent’s team members (and players) are or need to be Christian. It simply means Chris guides the team based on a particular moral compass. We also endeavor to put our team members and their families before our projects, hopefully making SP Ent a great place to work.

SP Ent’s small team of awesome collaborators have helped to make K3D a reality. Although the company is based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, our team has expanded to include people from California and Texas. After K3D, we have several more titles planned, two of which are currently in production. You can find out more about SP Entertainment and our team members on our company page.

Screen Shots

Here are screenshots of K3D in several layouts. The portrait shots are of in app play from our mobile dev and testing machines, and the landscape shots are in engine play shots from our dev machines.


The two videos here are the long and short versions of our launch video. Both contain in app game play.



Music and Sound

We took great care in developing the music and sound for K3D. We were lucky enough to meet a talented musician and composer, Zachary Simon, who helped with the music and sound for K3D. All of the music and sound for K3D is original and beautiful. Embedded here are the tracks of the music which we have posted online for the listening pleasure of our fans.




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