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Soaring majestically, high above the earth, freed from its bonds, you follow the ebbs and flows of the air. As you glide along surveying your realm, you spot it. You keep a sharp eye on it, tracking its position and movement carefully. Beginning to circle patiently, you gauge its direction and speed. You can see it clearly, going about the area unaware of your presence far above. Still you wait, choosing your moment. NOW! You fold your wings just enough to take the lift out of them and dive into a stoop, straight at your target. The wind rushes past, the ground hurtles toward you as you dive. At the optimal distance, you spread your wings to catch the air. You almost float for just a moment, talons poised, as your quarry vaguely becomes aware of your presence, but it’s too late. You strike! You got it: a perfect dive; a perfect catch. And as you rise on powerful wingbeats, trophy in talon, you return, knowing you are keeping the nest fed.

Welcome to the Raptors’ Realm

Raptors’ Realm is an action style sim game in which you take on the role of a bird of prey. As you fly and soar about your territory, you find, catch, and return with quarry to maintain your nest. You navigate the skyscape and catch thermals to attain an eagle’s eye view of your realm. If quarry escapes your dive, you can chase them down, turning them into your trophies anyway. Yet beware, for you have rivals who must be driven away to protect your territory, your trophies, and your nest. In Raptors’ Realm, you are the raptor.

Raptors’ Realm is currently in early prototype here at SP Ent., and will be targeted at mobile and TV platforms, with others to follow if it proves to be popular enough. We will continue to update this page as the project progresses, so keep an eagle eye out for updates as the project soars along.