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Welcome Otto! Read more

Welcome Otto!

Say hello to this beautiful boy, the new born son of our lead artist, and the most recent addition to the SP Ent family. Welcome to the world, Otto!

Back on the Wing Read more

Back on the Wing

It may seem like we were swallowed up by the pandemic, but actually, we have found ways to adapt and thrive.

First Dev Update of 2020 Read more

First Dev Update of 2020

The COVID-19 craziness really has pushed this update’s post much later than we already were getting it up. You’ll see that it’s much more past tense than usual and doesn’t even mention the virus at all, in fact, it was written back in early February before the virus went global. Though the current pandemic has made us busier than we thought it could we’re still moving forward and everything’s progressing apace.

Photogrammetry and Our Art Pipeline Read more

Photogrammetry and Our Art Pipeline

Just what is photogrammetry, who uses it, and how are we using it in our games? We delve into those questions and discuss the art of using photogrammetry to infuse our games with interesting and helpful real-world data in this somewhat technical ArtDen post.

Final Dev Update of 2019! Read more

Final Dev Update of 2019!

As we mentioned in the last dev update raptor research took off on us, and we talk more about that in other posts. For now, here’s a short and sweet update to close out 2019.

September 2019 Dev Update in October Read more

September 2019 Dev Update in October

We intended to get this up in September after getting back to full time dev on Raptors’ Realm, but then raptor research unexpectedly took off. We’ll have more about that later in October, for now check out what was going on before that.